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Kim Beaver - Studio Owner and Yoga Teacher

Kim first experienced yoga over 20 years ago.  "I can still remember the internal spark of excitement and wonder at what an

amazing experience I felt when I found yoga". 


Since then she has studied Radiant Child Yoga Teaching with Shakta Kaur Khalsa, Level 1 Yoga Teacher training with

Lifesource Yoga  Christina Brown, Anatomy & Physiology with Simon Borg Olivier, and Level 2 Teacher Training with

Mark Breadner and and the Yogacoach team. Bringing a whole new level of yoga understanding to the forefront which

includes wellbeing at all levels.


Kim teaches an eclectic blend of hatha yoga  a flowing sequins with awareness to restore optimum wellbeing. Her style is to

assist all people to tune in to their own rhythm and explore their yoga - union through movement and breath.


Kims focus is to provide yoga for the local community- whether that is at the studio, with disadvantaged

communities, developing programs for Seniors, Corporate, teenagers and children.  Her passion lies in the art of yoga and the

grace that comes from within oneself as practice deepens from physical asana and meditation and out into daily life.


With our fast paced lifestyles and stress accumulation in body and mind, yoga is like a breathe of fresh air sooothing body,

mind and soul.  We often forget our true nature and yoga is a beautiful self practice to help remind you daily of who you

really are. 


Kim believes that all people can practice yoga and it makes no difference if you a lawyer, teacher, handyman or family

person.  Yoga is a way to experience yourself and expand your life and your vision of life. 

Peace to all  

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